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Mind Over Body's Karma Yoga classes are taught by our staff as well as recently certified instructors who are learning how to do their work in the world!  Helping, healing and sharing with others, to serve with pure motivation and attitude is what Karma Yoga is all about.


Most often these classes are Vinyasa classes that focus on movement with breath to create a moving meditation. Sun salutations, arm balances, inversions, backbends and pranayam are weaved throughout the practice for exploration on many levels. Karma Yoga classes are all levels classes, and customizations will be offered to honor each practitioner's body.

Karma Yoga is a free/donation based class. Greenhouse17 is our current non-profit partner for our studio based Karma classes. They are always in need of the community's help, so If you feel moved to donate please feel free, but it is not required.


We have several other community outreach programs and partnerships we are forming.   Our newest is CAT YOGA, offered in partnership with the Lexington Humane Society. Classes will be held at the Nancy T. Barron II Habicattery, every other Monday starting June 4 at 6 pm. All proceeds go to Lexington Humane Society. 

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