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Living an Empowered Life: Creating More Happiness with Each Day


SEP 22 10-3


Learning to work with your inner magnetism can make a huge difference in all areas of your life! When you stand in your true inner strength, your magnetism and inner hopes and dreams will attract experiences, situations and people that support a richer, happier life. This workshop will help you learn and implement all the tools needed to create and bring more happiness into your life. Janese will assist you to gain greater clarity and insight into yourself on multiple levels, which then allows you to integrate this information so that you will magnetize the life that you deserve. You will also gain important tools that will guide you throughout your life that will help you to continue to sustain your inner magnetism.

Janese Derrough, M.S. is nationally acclaimed as an Empowerment Guide. assisting individuals and groups for over 34 years to connect with their own intuition, live an empowered life, and gain power to know the real self. Janese's unique approach combines intuition, practical life skills, mindfulness, and her academic understanding of neuropsychology.

"In the midst of the unstable times we are going through my Virtual Pilates Mat Class with Melissa was the perfect way to start the day! 

The audio and visual components were perfect. Melissa was able to assist me as if she was standing next to me. I urge everyone to try a class and support Mind Over Body. "


— Ellen

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