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Mind Over Body joyfully supports transformation through the process of self-discovery to bring us back to our whole selves.  As sisters working together, we do what we do best together -- providing 3 lenses, different but integrated, and a diverse range of tools to help bring each individual into their own wholeness.


Pilates is a mind-body centric practice which starts the awareness at the core moving outwards to influence strength, flexibility, and alignment of the entire body supporting the journey back to our whole self. Mind Over Body will exclusively offer Pilates teacher training through the renowned Fletcher Pilates School.

Yoga is a philosophy, it’s a practice, it’s a transformative process which establishes the mind-body connection through breath, movement and mental focus practices to help us remember who we are, to bring us back to our whole self.


Healthy Life Coaching supports the best version of your whole self through customization of plans for your specific goals in the areas of nutrition, exercise, career, relationships, and spirituality. 

Come visit us to get a 360 degree plan for your well-being!  


Melissa, Laura & Beth

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Teachers and Staff

Laura Calmes


Laura received her 150 hr-RYT yoga certification in Vinyasa Flow in June 2011 at Beloved Yoga in Reston, VA and will complete her 500 hr-RYT by early 2018, which will include a Trauma Informed Yoga Certification, Yin Yoga Certification and Contemplative Yoga Certification. She also completed a 65 hr aerial yoga certification from Unnata of NYC and is looking forward to finishing a Warriors at Ease certification (Washington, DC) later in 2018 in order to assist active and retired military. Laura enjoys studying when she can with Rosalyn Bruyere and Jennifer Stephenson McLamb in the field of energy healing and has participated in multiple donation-based healing clinics at the University of Kentucky Nurse’s clinic organized by Jennifer.

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Melissa Calmes 


Studying a Comprehensive Program with Balanced Body and following with the Fletcher Pilates Comprehensive Program, Melissa has spent 9 years setting her goal to live and breathe Pilates. She earned the title of Fletcher Pilates Professional Teacher in 2018 and a PMA certification coming soon!


With a global perspective, she has worked and trained internationally in Jakarta and Singapore as well as Washington, DC, Tucson, AZ and Lexington, KY. Though thinking locally, giving back to the beautiful community and city that raised her, she co-founded Mind Over Body with her triplet sisters, Laura and Beth.


To ensure clients reach their physical fitness and mobility goals, an emphasis is placed on precise alignment and proper execution, partnered with joint mobility and a solid program of stretch and release work.  The real trump card though is teaching each client how to actively work the core instead of passively, by insisting the breath leads each movement.  Know, your core muscles are your breathing muscles!


Whether you come with a healthy body, one with chronic illness or an underlying condition, or even a stress or sports related injury, through attention to detail, each client's individual goals can be achieved. The goal for every body is quality of life, a lengthened spine and joints that move freely..erasing nagging aches or pains that can plague us daily!

Beth Calmes


aka WonderWoman

Stacy Smith​

Stacy started practicing Pilates in California in 1995, after sustaining a head injury in a car accident.  She discovered Pilates was a great way to regain strength, coordination, and balance. After many years of rehabilitation, she knew that she wanted to help others discover the amazing benefits of Pilates.  However, Pilates training and practice was put on hold while she earned her degree in Culinary Arts from the Le Cordon Bleu. In 2007, Stacy relocated to Lexington, Kentucky and rediscovered her love for Pilates. In 2014, she jumped at the opportunity to begin her Balanced Body Instructor Training and teaching journey.


Stacy firmly believes that if any student, regardless of their age or fitness level, brings the proper dedication, she can lead them through the evolution of a better body. Her student’s goals range from building firmer, stronger bodies, increasing mobility, and gaining proper alignment in their bodies. Stacy’s passion for helping others is what drives her to provide her students with careful attention, encouragement, and compassion.

 Other Certifications:

ACE Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

 Sterling Hot Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates 2017

Dina Stogsdill

For Dina, fitness has been a lifelong endeavor. She started her athletic career in Russia as a rhythmic gymnast at the age of 8. After two years she moved to Moscow where her skills were noticed by the head coach of the Central Sport Club Army. By age 11, she became a professional athlete as member of the Soviet National Team and won a gold medal at her first international competition in Prague. She went on to win many gold, silver and bronze medals in international competitions in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, and the Czech Republic. National championships include: 8 times champion of the Soviet Army, 3 times silver medalist at the Soviet Nationals, and absolute Moscow Champion. In recognition of her career achievements, she was awarded the prestigious Master of Sport for Rhythmic Gymnastics when she was only 14.

After a career in Rhythmics taking her to 27 different countries around the globe, Dina went on to coach other prominent athletes in the sport. Of her students, several went on to join the Russian Team, win such competitions as the European Championships in Greece, and even become Master of Sport themselves.

Having earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the Moscow State Academy of Physical Education and a passion to spread fitness and wellness, Dina moved to New York in 1995. To further her existing body of knowledge, Dina completed 2 years of study at The Kane School of Core Integration gaining a comprehensive certification as a Pilates teacher. Dina is also certified in resistance training with a specialty in Russian kettlebell training - a longtime training tool for the Russian military and Olympic teams. With commitment to giving her personal training clients the same quality of training as her former elite athletes, Dina quickly became a standout in the fitness industry in New York. She has been featured in The Daily News, the WB Morning News, and Fitness Magazine.

Dina firmly believes that if any client, regardless of their age or fitness level, brings the proper dedication, she can lead them through the evolution of a better body. Her client's goals range from building firmer, stronger bodies, losing weight, increasing flexibility, and gaining proper alignment in their bodies. Dina has done exceptional work with clients who have suffered limitations from past injuries. Her client, Jeremy Boal, M.D. of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, says of Dina, "She is a truly gifted teacher with an incredible depth of knowledge...she is an outstanding listener who works very hard to understand her clients needs and concerns.”

Amber Clary

Amber Clary began taking Pilates 8 years ago with a group of friends.  She fell in love with the challenge of incorporating Pilates Principles into her everyday life.  She has completed Balanced Body’s teacher training with Master Teacher David Gensheimer in Nashville, TN.  Amber also enjoys other styles of physical fitness such as weight training and functional training as well as a focus on mental wellness. She is a teacher of Special Education during the day and is excited to teach others how to improve their strength, mobility and mindfulness to live a balanced life.  Amber is married and has 2 lovely daughters, Kelsey and Katie Ann.

Carmen Billings

As an avid runner, Carmen began looking for a way to strengthen her upper body as well as her core and legs.  Five years ago, she found Barre and realized one of the great benefits was toning muscles without bulking up with weights.  After retiring from education, Carmen decided to become certified to teach Barre. She has been teaching Barre since July 2019, and enjoys spreading her love for this unique way to tone and strengthen the whole body.

Natalie Stigers

Natalie, born and raised in the Bluegrass, has always loved being up to something greater than herself.  She knew she wanted to strengthen her own yoga practice as she realized how it sparked her overall gratitude, peace, and joy.  Setting her drishti on becoming a yoga teacher, she received her 200 hr-RYT certification with Shakti University focusing on Vinyasa Flow. Natalie is passionate about creating a space to connect, challenge, and have fun in her classes.  Off the mat, Natalie is a Communication Sciences and Disorders graduate student at UK and mama to her fur babies Woody (Lab mix), Romeo (Dachshund), and Juliet (Dachshund).

Laurie Rentz

Laurie started her yoga and Pilates journey at a young age as a way to improve her flexibility and form in dance.  In January 2017, she started her training in aerial acrobatics and uses yoga and Pilates now more than ever to heal and maintain both her body and mind.


Laurie is the Accounts Manager at Mind Over Body and soon to be an instructor, stay tuned!


I am Tashi, the Lion King and am slightly imperial. I have a heart full of gold, and though I may roar, please know I can also melt yours.  I love to sit and help correct alignment and cheer and support each client.  You are all very important to me. When you greet me with such enthusiasm it really makes my day.  I'm so happy to be here to lend a helping paw 🐾  Be on the lookout for my social media posts, they call them Tashi's Teaching Tips!

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"In the midst of the unstable times we are going through my Virtual Pilates Mat Class with Melissa was the perfect way to start the day! 

The audio and visual components were perfect. Melissa was able to assist me as if she was standing next to me. I urge everyone to try a class and support Mind Over Body. "


— Ellen

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